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About two and a half years ago (Aged 33)" i had a dream" literally, that i owned an air rifle, quite strange as i had never owned a rifle or dreamed i had before.

So i went out the next day and bought a cp99 co2 pistol, a week later i traded it in for a rohm top and got the phone number for a local indoor range to shoot it.
There i tried some rifles and a couple of weeks later was the proud owner of a hw97k.

I haven't looked back since, shoot most weekend, social plinkin at an out door range.
Have also joined a local HFT/FT club and really like HFT, Although have not shot a comp since the Ford round of the southern hunters due to events conspiring against me.

And have recently purchased a Steyr to give FT a whirl.

Turned out to be a very expensive dream but it introduced me to lots of great people otherwise i would never have met.
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