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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Mike as Pete has said the Gathering is for people who support the UKAHFT series not a one off comp.

I think you must be obsessed with the Gathering as i remember the other year you wanting the top 3 twangers to qualify, but funny how you only ever ask when you would be in the running

Pete 2 years ago I believe I chatted to you about reducing attendences to UKAHFT rounds due to personnal reasons,and you were aware I wouldn't be doing springer but giving the GC2 a bit more attention and having fun,so how was I to qualify,but top 3 shooting springer would,as always,and supported by the real shooter element.Someone has to stand up for them and put their views.
I enjoy a good socialand can always attend the allcomers,atmosphere and the standard is that good that one course is as good as the other,and I don't shoot for trophies,"much" these days,but I do appreciate good company on the course who arn't blinded by 'silverware' but do appreciate a good/resonably decent joke going round.
Two mentions in 2 years?obsessed.
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