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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Unfortunately places for the Gathering are limited & the whole idea is you qualify by coming in the top 8 & attending at least 4 UKAHFT shoots, it wouldn't be very fair to exclude some regular UKAHFT shooters in preference to shooters who might not be doing or supporting the UKAHFT season.
I would include the previsor of the 4 attendances to apply,and by attending the 'worlds' the attendees are advertising the sport and supporting it arguably more so than the national series,as the 'worlds' are by definition world wide and would attract more publicity and education for the general public as to what HFT and responsible shooters are all about.That in its self is a major input and boost to HFT compared to a somewhat restricted view of the national series,not that that in any way deminishes the work the series has done in the past,but I imagine we are looking to the future as HFT developes and moves ahead. I thought the suggestion in the post would reflect that of its prestigue.Or not?
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