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Originally Posted by ikarma70 View Post
approx 10.6/7ft.lbs 810fps with falcon accuracy plus,780fps fps with 8.44gr 11.5ft.lbs and 11.7ft.lbs with biz mags
ikarma70 has this set perfectly.

Gents you have to realise that running your rifles close to 11.5 ft/lbs with the light pellets could well mean you are over the limit with the heavy pellets like Bisley Magnums.

PCPs tend to produce more power with a heavier pellet.

Guess what pellet the Police will use to test your gun?

The limit is not applied to the pellet you use or even have in your collection but ANY pellet the Police feel like testing it with.

Sorry to sound pompous and pious but there I've said it.
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