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Both FT competition rigs are ruunning at around 770fps with 8.4 JSB's 4.52. Accuracy is no different and as I dial in its still about a turn from 30 to 55yds.

My hunting/HFT rig runs at 800fps with 7.9 Premiers.

To be hones can not see the point of running really close to the limit only takes the rifle to be left in the sun for a bit and it could go over the top. Especially now that just about every comp uses the chrono I would rather have a larger safety margin.

In all the years I have shot I have only had one result over the top, my fault as well managed to get a couple of premiers mixed in with my competition pellets. Frighten the life out of me when I saw the reading . Only realised it when I picked the next pellet out and saw it was a premier.
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