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Well...has anyone noticed the upward creep in prices for most airguns nowadays ? am talking about the quality kit stuff...just a few percentage points starts adding up to the next rounded '00 hundreds of quid , or possibly 1 K mark ..LOL !

Is that what the other manufacturers are trying to achieve in these economic times ? ie: Hit the 1K mark ? (OK, some are now well over it- ISP, Ripley, Steyr, Walther etc..) you, am wondering what the Retail price in the UK will be for the Walther/Hammerli AR20FT, when we all know what its going for in Germany.

There are plenty taking a hit to the wallet for an ownership lasting some time from 3 to 6 months, then advertising the gun on BBS with a 30% to 40% knockdown price.

ie: The advertised price Ive seen for the new HW100 retail at 960quid any takers ?

Ripleys, ISPs, Walthers, Steyrs, are in large part keepers.

Ans., and Fwb - to some degree

The bread & butter PCP guns I constantly see offered are (in no priority): Air Arms, HW, DayState, BSA.

Anyhow, thats the trend, and Its unfortunately directly related to costs (ie: Price per tonne of Alu. + cost of manufacturing+ Labour + other misc. costs, etc...+ VAT ...

In 10 years time, I think we will all be laughing and reminiscing at the good ol'times what airguns cost in 2010.

I suppose then they are bloody bargains a these current price levels ??? perhaps 'get them while you can' ? !
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