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Default 1100quid Huntsman!!

As much as I take the **** out of Daystate I must admit they have come up with some reasonably good looking guns and innovative ideas over recent years. When they released the Mk4 GP I questioned the price but when they do what they should do I guess the 1760 price tag could be justified, similar with the Platinum...however I've just seen the latest Daystate "LE" gun and really did have to do a double take at the price tag..1100quid for a Huntsman with a nice bit of wood, titanium plated breech and, apparently, a "match" grade Walther barrel I've tried to get my head around it and fail to see whats trying to be acheived in this instance. Yes the wood looks nice, the breech is a matter of personal taste and the barrel? will it really make any real world difference over the ranges we shoot at?? I've seen it before with the likes of the Timberwolf, Merlyn, etc...first response is "Ooooh shiny shiny, I want" the second response is "Meh" and the third is "I'm struggling to shift it in the for sale section because its a lot of money for what it is..." Anyone else think similar?? or have I got my cynical head on today
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