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Originally Posted by JAGXKRS View Post
If we come to Scotland
1. Do I need my passport
2. Are you providing the sheep for my Welsh team mates
3. Will the SNP allow a load of camo clad heavily armed hooligans into the country
4. Do you have burgers/Beer/Coffee
5. Can I book a 3am alarm call

Can we bring Laity?
1. You do not need a passport, but you should, I believe even horses can get them now!
2. Leave our sheep alone, they are not contaminated by any of the usual welsh diseases.
3. The SNP wouldn't see you as you have camo on.
4. The scots are known for their healthy lifestyle, we only eat salad and stuff and drink spring water only, im sure we can get some of that foreign stuff in for you alll.
5. Of course you can have a 3AM call and a seat in our special chair!

NO, actually bring him too, we have something special just for Wodger
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