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Originally Posted by Greenwing View Post
I'm intrigued by some of the comments on this thread about blades of grass in the way.
I'm wondering, do you not allow any partially obscured targets in FT? If there's a twig or blade of grass too close for comfort is it not up to you to shift a bit?
I only ever shoot HFT so I admit I know nothing about the world of FT, just being curious about how a different discipline works.

The comment was a slight dig and Rob as he did something close to that at our ground a deqw years ago admittly the wind had picked up a bit and the some twigs had fallen down aroud n the course. Difficult to see them when its still dark in the mroning and you are runnign round checking everything else par the course.

I think that most FT shooters will move slightly for the clearer line but there comes the problem when a course is set by a right handed shooter and some lefties shoot and find obstructions for them to shoot.
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