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Without wanting to sound like a wet weekend I've always been more of a fan of strategically placed targets which make use of nothing more of terrain and surroundings rather than unnatural themes.
I'm up for a bit of fun but would like to think of HFT as a serious target sport....would you expect to see a crazy golf course at the FT worlds in South Africa ?....I don't think so.
MAD last year was a perfect example of how a course can be made difficult with no tricks of gimmicks.
This year the Midlands hunters had some cracking courses and some in both woodland and open fields yet no cardboard cut outs were used in any if these.
Just my take on it guys but I would like to see it left natural.
If ever I have set a gimmick target it has been the choice of the main course setter and not mine but if the surrounding are very boring and there is nothing to use then I would rather shoot through a hole in a built natural stone wall or even a cage than see a bog seat in my scope then have to flush the chain to reset the target....very cheesy yuck!!!!!
Remember guys that at these events forign shooters come miles, many for the first time to shoot HFT and return home to shoot serious FT competition....hopefully not telling the fellow country men that British HFT is not really a serious sport because the targets are nothing but a bit of a laugh.


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