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Default Big nikko help.

At Christmas i bought a second hand big nikko, and have recently bought a steyr, so have spent the last few days working out my elevation in order to dial in.

The scope came with a shark fin and was already marked for range finding.
Which i checked against my range finder and the markings were proving to be spot on.

Until i ranged a target that was according to the markings on the scope 8 yards away, but according to my range finder was 10 yards away.

So i got out my tape measure and it was indeed 10 yards away.
No biggie i thought, just a slight amendment to the sidewheel markings was needed.

I then put a target out at a measured 8 yards and tried to parallax it but found it impossible.
It will not focus below ten yards at 50x, 10 yards focuses crystal clear but any closer is a blurred mess.

Looked at nikko's website and they claim it parallaxes down to 10 yards, so it is doing what it says on the side of the tin.

So how do i range find between 8-10 yards.

Thanks in advance,
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