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Originally Posted by villiers View Post
And a couple of times i have seen a blade of grass , and want to call it , but thought helll i am starting to be like Rob , shot and then clipped the blade and got a big fat zero.Now if i was a Hft shooter
Wait until you start going round the course and then get the whistle blown every 2nd lane because some reed/grass has sprung up over night between target and firing point. Then once its clear you miss the target anyway

Whenever we set a course out now we spend time making sure there are no 'stray' bits. I also check the targets by gently tapping with a large nail in the middle of the kill.

Personally I will only call for a target if mine is the only mark on it and I am sure I hit it fair and square. Have seen as Rob has a mark in the kill put another on the inside edge of the faceplate hole. Also had complete misses but the target falls down and splits were the kill moves but not enough to fall completely.
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