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Originally Posted by popsheep View Post

So its been happening for years but can you guess what Mr Pete Sparks would say to the scorer if that happened at a UKAHFT event
Or dare I say it, at an FT event (lights blue touch paper and stands well back )

I spent an afternoon on the GP course at South Dorset last year. Normally by lane 4 i've failed to drop at least one stander, and if that doesn't get me the one of the others will do. I did the whole lot until lane 25 and was clear. Two long sitters, 52+ ... first one fell. 2nd one waved it's paddle at me and remained stubbornly upright. A second shot in the same place and it fell cleanly. I muttered something about the target probably needing a bit of oil, but hand on heart, it probably didn't hit and I probably split... the target was battered and it just wasn't possible to see for certain I had a clean strike.

I've had some lucky splits in my time, even some misses gone my way (hit a rabbit in the head one GP with a shocking pull of the rifle on a kneeler and it fell)... but having set out practice lanes and courses before, i've also seen clear bang slap in the middle marks only to reveal on close inspection a teeny mark inside edge of plate, which has vapourised the pellet and sprayed liquid lead onto the centre looking like a hit.

There's no doubt there's an occasional stubborn target, especially if the nut behind rotates and grips... but when I think about the shots that have fallen for me when I didn't expect them, I think on par, i'm better off

They either fall over for me or it's a doughnut. Life is too short and it's only one target If I was tied for the World Championship, I might be niggling to call (and i'll call teeny stuff in the way on an FT course, which i'm sure wouldn't faze an HFT shooter... i've had Andy on the IOW running up and down lanes with his nail scissors tidying up his topairy, and the barracking after i've missed ) I've called stuff twice this year on the winter league and at least once last year... bloody FT primadonna
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