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Default Unfair targets

A member brought some old Airgun World mags into the club last week so while waiting for a new member to turn up I read this and found it amusing,Its from AUG 1982
Letter wrote to the Mag about a competion at Stourvale Woodsmans shooting ground at Gornal by Mr M. SKIDMORE from Warmley ,Bristol.
third para read

I watched as 2 targets failed to fall when hit fairly at a range of no more than 10 yards,fortunately ,the scorer was able to see the pellet hit and they awarded the appropriate kill.
This was impossible on the 40 yard stander though,the scorer seemed to be fully aware that the targets were faulty and told me that you had to hit the centre of the kill area not the outside as it would not drop ,this brought the kill area down to half-a -inch across which I consider unfair .

So its been happening for years but can you guess what Mr Pete Sparks would say to the scorer if that happened at a UKAHFT event
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