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Originally Posted by raygun View Post

I think all our pre AT guns have just gone up in value
True. I know one shooter who bought another make of FT gun because of AT, and it's possible retrofitting...

For what it's worth, depending on what bracket of pellet weight i'm using, i'm shooting at 11 to 11.4. I've been down as low as 10.3 though, before I set it up for the lighter ammo.

I could wind it upanother 20 fps, which would take me up to 11.8/9, but it's too close to the comp limit for my liking... and the overal effect is (according to chairgun), only a click lost at 55 yds and in a 10mph wind i have 5mm off less. Given that I'd be having to give it 150mm anyway, it's not all it's cracked up to be this limit shaving
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