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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
So hypathetically speaking if I leant an under 18 year old an air rifle to use in competition/practice am I falling foul of this? What implications does this have for those of us who shoot with under 18's on a regular basis? Not that I'm overly worried as the minors I regularly shoot with are very responsible, but I always let juniors shoot my gear.

I can't get my head around it at the minute as the first part of my root canal is bloody annoying me!

If the shooter is supervised there's no problem as long as whoever is supervising is over 21.

There's also no problem if the person is over 14, unsupervised and on private land where the shooter has explicit permission to be shooting. Under 14 the shooter has to be supervised by someone over 21. Inside a club you have no explicit permission, so you need to be supervised if under 18.

Essentially for you Ryan, nothing changes, because according to the law now, the shooter should be supervised if they're under 18. On a course I would suggest that's one on one supervision, on a tradtional range I could suggest that an RO on the line could be adequate, but i'm not qualified to give legal advice.

If you are working with minors or vulnerable adults on a regular basis as a part of your club's activities you should be aware of the guidance around doing so, and the policies your insurance company may require (such as the NSRA) to be insured.

The aim of the legislation is to disuade people from leaving airguns laying around without precaution where they may fall into the hands of minors.
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