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Yep, was travelling home on the M4 after a good day out at the Inters yesterday, with cruse control set to 70mph in middle lane, with traffic in all three lanes.

No warnings at all, only a slight judder of loss of power for about 5 seconds followed by rev counter going off scale 7000+rpm, then erratic when not even touching accelerator pedal. Indicated to pull to nearside lane but when I touched brake pedal it went right down to floor (no brakes), pumped pedal without success. Then made for gap between lorries to nearside lane and onto hard shoulder. Applied handbrake to slow car, and as car was slowing I could see the paint on the bonnet just beginning to bubble. I then knew the engine was on fire, but no smoke or flames could be seen or smelt at that time. Told my wife, that as soon as the car stops to jump out and run to the rear. As she opened her door the flames were coming through the nearside wheel arch. She jumped and ran followed by myself but I remembered to get the EV2 and cylinder out of the boot in passing!!! Not a nice experience, but both safe and well and the car a right-off.
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