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I'm now hanging on to the rifles I've already got.

I will not have a rifle that I can't be responsible for the power output and unfortunately that rules out all U.K. manufacturers.
I guess pressure will be brought to bear on foreign manufacturers that are selling here and I also expect some will decide not to sell into the U.K.

For the likes of Anschutz, FWB, Walther and maybe also Steyr it will be difficult to justify the cost of AT.
A submitted rifle and the cost of testing would be around 2000/2500, plus 3 rifles selected from dealers per year bring the costs to around the 8000 per year mark. They will have to sell quite a few units to recover that.
This type of rifle in my view has to be adjustable, even if it's down from 12 FPE.

The decision is likely to be no German/Austrian target type rifles available.(My view).

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