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Mid April until November my time is taken up walking the green mile ( cutting cricket pitches ) so I have no time to shoot.

That's why I enjoy the world's so much as it's a weekend away shooting before the cricket season starts.

I keep promising myself that I will find time during the summer to shoot more of the UKAHFT but last year I only managed the local ones at Tawd and Rimmington as I could work on the ground Saturday night and be back at the ground for the Sunday afternoon game to do the wicket at tea.

I normally shoot between December and April and try and go somewhere as many Sundays as I can but my car fell apart virtually every Saturday this winter so I didn't get to any of the Midlands shoots which was very annoying. Gun has been out of the bag about 5 times in 12 months, hence my kneelers and standers have gone to sh!te . Local club has great facilities and I could live there during those months but there is no one else there during the day and you can't shoot alone so it's no point me joining there.

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