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Just out of interest ...

Are there many of the 'higher' scores or 'better' shooters cards suffering from not being signed ( for goodness sake no names ) or are they mainly lower scorecards.

I'm not suggesting any of the top shooters would try and be dodgy ... and I know that everyone should get alterations signed ... I'm just thinking that in many instances the shooters may not be all that bothered as they know they are going to finish well down the list and are not going to win anything so they just can't be bothered getting the cards signed ( personally I would want my best score on that card as I'm shooting for personal achievement but not all people think like that ).

I know it sounds ( and is really ) dead easy to just mark a card and put a 0,1 or 2 ... I reckon the 3 of us that shot the world's together were all intelligent blokes but we made several cock ups where we had marked the wrong card and then had to wait and see if that shooter matched what was on the card or we had to get it changed and signed ( didn't help that I hadn't got my specs so I couldn't see a damn thing ). We put all 3 cards in a DVD case and took it in turn marking the cards ( not one's own ). Maybe it's better for each shooter to keep someone else's card and just mark that one so that the same person is marking the same shooter's card all the way round ???


Edit ... Ah I see from your last post that in some instances the actual shooter may be unaware that his partner has altered his card.


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