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Originally Posted by aitchuk View Post
For standing shots Sarah English has the best stance I have ever seen
As for knocking targets down Ian Taylor, Sam Monkman,Mat Hirst and the chap
from Bisly who won the silly's 2 years ago at the classic have to rate amongst
the best 39x40 under comp rules.
Kneeling Andy doesn't have a classic position ie his leading foot is well forword
but it works well for him and he has tought this to many other shooters to
good effect
As in a previous post start with the clasic position then get your club coach
to tweak it to suit the shooters personal needs

Ladies do tend to have better natural shooting positions... in recent memory i'd say sarah, steph and lynn who i shot with in SA all had basic good stances that would be pretty good benchmarks to look at.

James Woodhead is the chap you're thinking of.

James Osbourne is certainly someone to observe, one of the few shooters who can breath in the standing position and maintain the same position after the breath cycle. Haven't got a shot of Matt, but his standing record would suggest there's something to look at there
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