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I wouldn't say these are perfect, but for a new shooter I wouldn't say they're bad examples.

Ian Taylor is pretty handy... wouldn't want to bank against him... he doesn't use a jacket either.

Jonty's position don't look bad here... but i'm not a fan of pistol or trigger tickling...

Not a bad hand position, resists the gun droping low and to the right and pulls the CofG more central.

One of the secrets of good kneeling is to get the gun down low, get as much forearm along the thigh as possible, but remember the hand must be unsupported beyond the wrist and the gun can't touch the forearm as that will be considered as supporting it. Bring your head down to the gun, not the gun up to your head. Essentially you set up the position blind, and if it's correct, when eye goes to target it should be sitting steady on what you're aming at. If you're having to drive it on target the position will be weakened, considerably so. If you can't get it stable and still when your head is off the gun, it won't magically get better when you start peeking.

I can understand why his hand is out forward, balance of the gun and the deeper fore-end probably offers more benefit over having the hand underneath the stock closer to the body and more vertical, but rest looks good.

I have plenty of shots of people where you could pick holes... and there's names I know who score well, but I can't remember what their positions look like so wouldn't say go and have a peek at them.

A club instructor/coach should prove far more beneficial than copying photos, and if you like reading, then Ways of the Rifle is about as good as it gets for standing (and prone and kneeling, even though it's sling 3 position)
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