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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
hmm... depends on how you determine 'best'?

results? it's a bad day if i miss a kneeler, and if i'm on it then nothing is safe out to 55 and my groups are just as good as my sitters (stop sniggering at the back, they're not that bad )... however, i do some disgusting shots and get away with it now and then, and i'm not happy if I do. If my position is good, i'll gladly take anyone on...

it's difficult to say who's the best, FT and HFT'ers tend to break a lot of 'rules' of standing, either because they don't know any better or because they only have to sustain an unsupported position for 2 mins... or because their gun isn't set up well for standers and a compromise is being forced.... i actually think the supported postionals in HFT are more difficult than they would be if a good position was adopted... there's a few exceptions where you have to get onto something to see the target, but i'm far more in control when i'm not leaning over/on/against something awkwardly.

i'll have a dig around and come back and post some links, but my thoughts on the postions used in FT will be appearing in a mag very soon (and i've got to find a ginea pig for the photos over this weekend as well ) To be honest though it's tough to try and squeeze it all into 2000 words, which is why the past articles i've worked on the principles so hopefully they can be remembered when I cover specifics.

I've got permission to stick the PDF's up here, so i'll just have to get off my arse and get them sent over
I'll return the favour for the lift if you're still stuck for ginea pigs.
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