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Originally Posted by popsheep View Post
We are getting a fair few youngsters joining our club as they get free membership this year and I;ve been asked by a few mams and dads what is the best postions for kneelers and standers so I thought if I could get pictures of the best they will start off on the right track so the question is
Who is the best Stander in the country ???
Who is the best Kneeler in the country
I will be attending GP2 and all the UKAHFT so please help me out as I want to get the top people photographed and put on our club wall

cheers Ian
You need to get a hold of the FT coaching thingy that Dave frogget did, anyone who's attended the BFTA instructors course got a copy, it contains good diagrams and instructions/tips/techniques for the positional shots, plus everything else helpful to beginners and those wanting improvement to their shooting.
Rob f will most probably be able to help you...i'm sure i've seen it in PDF somewhere.
The problem with copying other peoples stance is it could well have been adapted for their own preference, best to start with a textbook style and then adapt it yourself.
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