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As you can see from the examples given we are still having to down score too many cards, most of these are just mistakes that the scorer can't be bothered to get signed, one of two are people altering their card afterwards & we've even had suspected cases of scorers doing it on purpose to try & get a rival downscored later.

Please follow these simple steps & we can quickly stop downscoring happening:

- Check all your groups scorecards are filled in with their full details
- Try not to make your 2's look like Z's & keep 1's vertical
- If you make a mistake on someone's card get it signed by a marshal as soon as possible while still shooting.
- As you are scoring your partner check that they have scored your card correctly, if not get the mistake signed.
- If you spot that your partner is marking 2's or 1's that look dodgy then mention it too them.
- Upon completion of your round, total your parners card up & if they agree with the score put the score in the total box & sign the card.
- Check all your groups cards for unsigned alterations & targets with no score in them, don't just add up the 1's
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