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My Steyr LG100, Hydrographics did the action and scope, action is anodised. The rest of the bits were painted at work and i made a new alloy trigger blade.

My HW97K, the stock was bought off Matt hirst as a work in progress type of thing, originally intended for a PCP and made to fit the HW and me.

Air arms PP-1 i owned but now sold. I modded the grip and painted it. Oh made a new trigger blade too, the air stripper is UK Neil.

Custom "Ratty" made for my daughter when she was five or so. Now sold. I cut down a spare stock, removed five inches from the length, stuck it back together and then painted it.

My Pro-sport, V-MACH'ed and cheeck piece cut and raised then stock lacqured, now sold.

AA S200 with very special paintjob, this stuff cost hundreds per litre, stock cut down by approx two inches for my daughter to use, sold.

HW100 with custom stock made for my wife, was a standard HW T stock, Paul wilson did the cheeck piece, i added depth to the forend and did some reshaping and then Jon sykes worked his magic, was the wife's choice of the paint job. still got this one.

AND FINALLY...This started out as a standard HW77 stock which Matt hirst had already cut the cheeck piece out on, he loaned it to my while he got my HW97K stock ready, i stuck the cheeck piece back on after raising it a little, did some fettling around the grip with body filler and then painted it. Sold on afterwards.

As you can guess i don't do standard guns much.
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