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Default Why the M25 ???????

The 2 Petes gave me the job of fronting the Lakes course and setting the targets ,a great honor not just for my-self but for the club which I belong to .
So as alot of you know Cleve Bull and myself put out all the courses for MAD ,[only we cant get a job so we have more time than any-one else],so when we were asked we rang Ian Hartford and asked if we could recky the grounds for the Worlds and we made our visit in late NOVEMBER last year ,we took photo;s took measurements ,drawings and spent about 6 hours on site [but looked after by the house staff with plenty of tea as it was snowing all day ]
I helped with the setting up of the 2009 Lakes course but we wanted it to be in 2010 as good as the land would allow us to get the course and with planning I hope we did .
On getting back and googleing and our drawing etc etc etc we came up with something about what we shot on Sun/Mon but what we had to do was fill up that empty piece of land which was open and boring because by using the woods this year at the end on the right [pegs 13 to 24 ]for safety reasons we could;nt use the boat house area which was in use last year .
So what were we to do ,I do a bit of driving and one day I was sitting in traffic on the M25 and looking out of the window there was signs and arrows everywhere you looked and that was it ,just like that
I rang Cleve and said I;ve got it ,we are doing the theme of the M25.
So the work began in ernest, wood ,paint,screws,nails and alot of time and effort anything that you get when there is roadworks we tried to implement into our theme .
My thanks go to Lloyd Davies for the flash workings in the Gatso[hes a engineer dont you know ]the fish was supplied by Shepreth and we thank you.
So for the moaning people please think before you put pen to paper ,some-one is doing something to try and give you a good day out ,with no payment at all,we do it because we want to do it and yes I like that pat on the back or listern to that [Which Basssstard put that course out ]its that buss I get out of the sport and knocking over a few targets is way down the list of my priorities

So I;ve read what you thought about the M25 and I thank you [sorry Woki]
Ian and i;m sure Cleve Bull
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