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Originally Posted by Weevie View Post
Saturday night I slept in a tent like a man. Sunday night I slept in a Premier Inn bed like a warm comfortable, clean jessie! I've learned my lesson.

Have to say though apart from the muddiness of the camp site which he couldn't control, Ian did a great job on the toilets and showers for the camp site. The shower I had Sunday morning probably saved my sanity!

Something that hasn't been said yet, so I'll say it now: top marks to Tractor Fella! There are a lot of people who would have been camping where their car lost traction and even more people who would have been still enjoying the sights and sounds of Kelmarsh today from their cars without his sterling effort and he kept a smile on his face all the way though!

See that's the thing, when you've got someone like Ian at the helm and great chaps like Tractor Fella at the pumps you're going to get a great result! Hearty congrats chaps!

Thanks also must go to Richard Chase, his fine offspring Ru, the new Springer World Champ and 'down with the kids' Spencer for pushing my very muddy and very stuck Fiesta out of the camp site field on Sunday night so I could abandon them to their fate. They're kinder, better people than me!

We all moaned about the conditions a bit but only an idiot would think that the organisers could have done anything about it. Given the preceding weather I'd say it could have been a lot worse.

The courses were brilliant.

The lake course on the first day with that wind saw a lot of mid-table-obscurity shooters like me learn that their shooting hadn't improved as much as they thought it had!

The wood course was a real thinker that required a lot of courage of conviction to shoot well. Donuting that duck by the hole in the hedge demonstrated that I wasn't thinking or showing courage!

Nice to see all the usual gang, plus the NLD shooters too. They're always good value!

I'll be there next year, but I'll be at the Premier Inn.
I agree with all the above (particularly the jessie bit). Karma played its cards on Sunday evening, after pushing you out of the mud so you could go and ponce about in a comfy hotel, us rufty tufty types went over the the Buxted soiree where I was "force fed" fine malt until I could sleep very soundly.
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