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First chance I have had to post since getting home last night.

I had a brilliant weekend, weather is weather and it's the same for everyone, so those who moaned,
shame on you

Thanks to all the guys and girls that organised the courses and admin that goes into the WHFTA courses.
Guys spent days preparing the targets, laying out the courses and preparing the admin that goes into
getting 200+ shooters all shooting over 2 days. My hat is off to you guys.

To Iain Bainbridge, sorry I couldn't help get the course in on day 2 mate. Any other time, you know I would
help out.

Mark Wall, World Champion. I have had the pleasure of shooting round with Mark, and a nicer fella you
would be hard pressed to meet. Congratulation mate and well done on your achievement.

Steph. Well done girl, bloody well deserved. You are a top shooter and all the effort you put in shows
with what you get out. Congratulations.

Great to see everyone there, great sense of cammeraderie from all the shooters and it is testament
to everyone that attended at how well it was enjoyed by all.

I even managed to enjoy my marshalling session on Sunday

Cheers to all and see you again next year.

Last thing, Kieran Turner. Keep your bloody head down!!!

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