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Just got to say it was a brilliant weekend, just like last year. The added bonus was it didn't **** down while we were shooting.

Also like to thank the WHFTA crew for the enormous amount of graft put in to organise and to run TWO full courses over 2 days. Having put on a couple of slightly smaller events myself, I know just how much work and planning that must take.

As for mud, well words almost fail me, HFT is all about the elements and getting down in whatever you find.

To all the moaners who thought Countryman Fairs could do anything about the mud, well, while you were moaning in your comfy car on the way home, I was on the train, Tube and then walking a mile or so with bags full of muddy kit and a big smile on my face. Get over it

Thanks to the Gregs for their hospitality over the whole weekend and to my partner Derek Stone, who made shooting a pleasure for both sessions. He also had a nice shiny rifle

Well done to all the winners and of course 2010 Champ Mark Wall, well done, mate.
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