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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
To be honest Ryan the complaints weren't aimed at us, Pete & myself are used to those complaints anyway.

What really ****** me off though were the complaints aimed at Countryman Fairs, they spent weeks before the event preparing everything, they then spent all weekend working their bollocks off ensuring they made the best of the bad conditions, not to mention all the time they will spend packing the fair away & trying to make good all the damage causes by the event.

Let's face it....HFT is mainly shot prone so come prepared for the worst, if you are going to take the bad weather personally then maybe you should stay at home
They're the sort of people who think the targets appear magically trees aand that the HFT fairies put everything away with a swish of their magic wands! If they've no idea how a course gets set up then they've no chance comprehending what's involved in the months/weeks before and after a major public event. They probably live within a couple of hours and left early on the second day as well.

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