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Default Bisley

For all those that do not know Bisley very well.

It is not a one club ground.

The grounds have 30+ clubs(im sure someone knows each and every club on site) ranging from the great air rifle/pistol indoor ranges and out ,clay pidgeon,shotgun through to rimfire,303, to name but a few.

Some of bisley ranges are 1000+ metres and are busy all year long. MOD practise using the night sniper scopes too

These grounds have been the home of shooting diciplines for hundreds of years.

Though the BFTO air rifle and pistol club have only been on these grounds for about 20years

History lesson over

Bisley(NRA) would only let serving soldiers wear camo around any part of the grounds which i now believe has been lifted but wise to check with the NRA.

This has never affected HFT/FT at the BFTO as you can wear it while shooting but if you wander away from the clubhouse/carpark we always suggested maybe changeing a jacket to brake up the camo.

When you visit next i suggest a wander around the whole campus its an enlightning experiance.

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