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Originally Posted by Tesla View Post
HW100T .177 + Big Niko
Walther LG Hunter Dominator .177+ Big Niko
HW97K .22 +Leapers 8-32X56
Diana 54 Airking.22 +Niko Nigtheater 6-24X56
if you ever want shot of the airking let me know ive been after one for ages my guns are:
rapid 7 .22
hw97kt .177
aas400k regged .177
hw97k .22
and a beaten up old supersport
have had quite a few before that namely:

hw90k .177, hw77 .22, hw77k .177, diana 45 .22, falcon raptor lighthunter .22, webley eclipse .22, king crossman ratcatcher .22, bsa lightning .22, rapid s type, aas410 .177, aa s400 .177, there the ones i can rmember at moment probably a few i forgot miss the 90k the most siliked the ratcatcher the most
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