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Originally Posted by Steve Hughes View Post
Hi Rob - You booked in ignoring the VERY BIG BIG sign saying please don't book in till this sign is removed.

That was there for two hours and you and six others seemed to miss it whilst we tested the site.

Anyway - GP3 ....

Policy for Camo at ETL is as Follows as Rob well knows.
The ETL shooting ground is used by the club under a licence agreement with the land owner.

One stipulation of the licence is that we abide by a no camouflage clothing rule. This applies to all club members and visitors alike.
This rule covers all types of visible outer garments, such as trousers, jackets, tops and t-shirts (when not completely covered up) but does not cover rifle stocks, bean bags, pellet pouches and gun bags etc.
We must ask that people attending the GP please refrain from wearing camo clothing, as it may jeopardise our future use of our club ground. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience or discomfort for the day, but please understand that this is not our decision, but we do have to enforce it, and we really do not want to be the bad guy and have to ask people to remove or cover up items of clothing.

Bit like Bisley.

And lets face it - if you really wanted to dress in something daft on a shooting range - guess what it would be.

Cheers all.
Didnt miss it steve... it wasn't there... unless it was very small and hidden...or on a pop-up (blocked)

the front page said

Welcome to the British Field Target Association
On-Line Booking - GP1 Tawd Vale

The GP Series gets underway at Tawd Vale on April 18th.

We have been given access to the most fantastic course - 35 Acres of beautiful woodland, with full vehicular access all the way and disabled friendly over the entire course. Its flat and easy going, with picninc areas and looks set to be the most amazing venue.

The on-line booking for this event is now live. You need to enter your BFTA card number as user name and your Surname (with a leading Capital) as the password.
More than 140 Bookings already placed!
I know it said that because I was just looking at the worlds site and thinking that we have more people attending a GP in the uk than the worlds... then I booked in.

anyway, there was no sign of any sign (i did see the no camo rule for ETL though )
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