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Don't forget Deben are very kindly sponsoring the HFT comp with three scopes including one of the new Hawke SW30 TACs. Scorecards into a hat after the comp. So it's the H4H4H HFT comp!

Also presented to the winning bidder (if they're there) will be the very first GINB Daystate Mk4 custom stock (this model: and actual stock, pre-oiling, below). I'll be posting the auction on the Daystate Owners Club web site hopefully by Saturday (just in the process of oiling it!), with links to it from other airgun sites. Bids until 24th April, and all proceeds toward H4H with gratefull thanks to Antonio and Andrea at GINB. They have always been very supportive of our charitable causes as Chris will know. The winning bidder also gets free entry into the HFT comp!

Please NO PM's about the stock - just keep an eye on the DOC site.


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