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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
Do you mean electric or electronic? Big difference.

There was a rifle in the local shop that cocked itself by powered electrics, I kid you not. I never found out how many batteries it took and chewed through though... apparently it wasn't the quietest thing for hunting either A chap down the club bought one, we all looked at him a bit funny, but he reckoned it would be collectable.

That'd be the Browning Airstar. It had a large rechargable battery pack that clipped underneath the forend and it did indeed sound like a bag of nails being stirred when it was cocking which took about 10seconds per shot. from what i remember it had an on/off switch in the pistol grip and the button to cock it was in the trigger guard. It also had the same style breech as the old Webley Eclipse did, a nice idea but horribly inefficent.
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