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Default Putting things into perspective

Well guys it's finally hit and with the start of the 2010 season I've already been thinking hard about how financially I can stay in competition past this season.
I won't go into personal details but the only way I can think of doing it is by trimming back which I've already done by changing my scope for after the worlds and missing out on some of the great times that we have getting together the night before a shoot and instead traveling on the day.
The next thing I'm very sorry to say will probably be having to do the same with my rifle near the end of this year and so I've dropped on a bargain AA S400 as a project to do up in readiness which has been funded mainly from the sale of my EB Sniper.
Hopefully I won't have to sell the Ranger as I love shooting it but if it comes to it and I don't have a choice it will have to go
Daystate are in my opinion among the best rifles out there and their customer service and helpfulness is second to none and I will always praise their work and advise people to get one for their quality but unless something gives I may have to take a break from shooting them until things pick up.
The main thing for me though is to carry on enjoying taking part in shoots and I have no doubt that things will eventually go back on the up but until they do I will have to just go with what I can.
I just wanted you guys to hear it from me first before you hear it from someone else as I think I owe it to all the UKAHFT Daystate shooters.


P.S Daystate are still gonna kick your *** this year Vinny

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