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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
No mate thats the little voice in your head

That would be why it keeps getting it wrong then

Originally Posted by killzone sniper View Post
Sean, are you sure its an EB and not a bushnell Yardage pro scope??? My EB doesnt tell me anything or have i been sold a duff scope lol!

You're not treating it well enough then Mike, mine is fitted with a range finder..... isn't yours

Originally Posted by D Hat View Post
It didn't on sunday, it did tell you that branch was 20 and god only knows what it said on the 45 as that's still going.
It got the range correctly it just didn't pull the trigger at the correct time

Originally Posted by herx77 View Post
Or the parrot on your shoulder,..
HERX77 .
It balances the chip on the other one perfectly though Mike

Cheers Guys

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