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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
nah, you can never have enough eye candy

what's the reason it's BSA barrelled?
It has a barley twist .177 barrel but I decided to shoot .22 last year and tried to buy a .22 Steyr barrel from Harry Preston. Having waited over a month for him to come back with a price, I mentioned it to John Bowkett whilst at his place and he said "Hold on a minute" then disappeared, returning with a used Hornet barrel. "Here, try this" he said. I took it over to u.k.neil's for machining and it worked a treat. Since the photos it's been chromed by Colin at MAG for some added protection.

More recently I did exactly the same with my Steyr LP1P pistol, this time with an Ultra barrel from JB, machined by Neil. Kept the 1/2" UNF thread on the front, usually covered by a thread protector....

.22 2.JPG.22 1.JPG

As it came, in .177 guise....


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