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I shoot for the Lord Ednam League in Worcester and here Bell target is shot in pubs through the winter months.
However just to allay any fears you will find that all the league shooters are very responsible and the sport comes first, drink is not high on the agenda and the issue is certainly not taken lightly. All the shooters are vetted for a season before being placed on a team and are always overseen by a senior member, there is always a safety officer on the scene and over the four years I have been shooting have never heard of any accidents. There is always a safety screen in place and as all the guns in the league have to have a safety catch or bear trap it is very safe.
Most shooters don't have even a sniff of a pint until after they have shot, but I must admit half a pint of ale does steady the nerves a little. The link below is a great read of the history of Bell Target and when you look at the conditions in the early days of smoke filled bars you can understand why some of the shooters are quite good, standing in a smoke filled room with 80 odd men and all the noise associated whilst trying to squeeze that last pellet through a tiny hole must have been hard. The social aspect is great but some do take it very seriously as in any sport. Personally it's safer than getting a dart in your foot or a snooker cue in your eye.

Frank Spittle wrote the book, you can find it at
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