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Actually, i think David is referring to me.

I'd forgotten about it and at the time just didn't think as it was a Kibworth fun shoot. I'm horrified now after reading some of the replies but at the time just didn't think anything about it. It certainly wasn't to try and gain any advantage.

If it's the shoot i'm thinking about then it was around the time when there had been quite a bit of ******** about the Kibworth shoots not being to UKAHFT rules and we were joking with the course setter about non standard targets.We were having a lot of banter especially when i missed the first target as i wasn't concentrating. I told the other lads that i thought it was over length and after they'd shot did check it with the LRF so that i could go back to the course setters with "you lying git, you said they were all proper ranges" .

Also, if anyone knows kibworth they'll know that there are earth mounds out on the course and once you've shot there a few times ít's easy to work out how far the mounds are and hence the ranges of the targets stuck on them.

And , if it makes anyone feel better that day, if i remember correctly, i had my worst ever score at Kibworth.
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