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Originally Posted by Weevie View Post
Eh? Is this thread some kind of in-joke?

What's the next question? Should we allow people three shots at every target?

Use a rangefinder if you want to if the course you're shooting isn't part of a comp and won't be used as a comp course.

If you're shooting a comp then obviously don't use a rangefinder and if the course you're shooting will be used in a comp then don't use it there either.

Or is the question about whether ragefinders are useful in setting up a course? If so then I'd say not so much on any target at the limit of a rule. A tape is better assuming you're using the tape correctly.

Perhaps someone could explain what the intention behind the thread is. There seems to be some kind of sub-text here. If so then perhaps the thread starter could illuminate those of us not in on the joke. If not then it seems to be an odd question to ask.
Perhaps he, like me, has seen someone use one to check the very first target in an HFT comp after shooting it and believeing it to be over 45yds?
That of course gives the shooter a great clue as to the range of the next target, and so on.
Absolute disqualification, no question!
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