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Some rangefinders are better than others at picking out the target plate. I have tested al the ones I have had on a steel surveyors tape and found they are all accurate to+/- 0.5yd by walking back along the tape. Canít speak for budget or unbranded models though.
I think you will find it difficult to better the lasers accuracy when using a tape on rough ground. The slightest dip or bush will add more than you may think to the range. The laser is direct to the target face, the distance which counts.

I use the laser to check and calibrate the scopes range finding. I will also use it for spot checks on practice course to check I am getting consistency.

As for use on a Competition day, definitely NOT ALLOWED.
Always shoot to youíre scope, after all if your bullet drop matches youíre found range on the zero range, it should work on the comp.

On one winter league I shot 2 targets at 57/58 yd, dialled accordingly and shot /killed them. As they were pulling the targets in, snapped them with the laser on the quiet at 57&58. This is little unfair as a few of the home shooters were aware of this. The question it, who is in the wrong in this case. Maybe course setters sould consider this can be done legitimatley.

As for HFT, who needs a rangefinder out to 45yd when the drop is only ĺ of a kill from 30yd zero, more trouble than its worth.
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