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Originally Posted by ROSCO View Post
FUNNY THING,not so long ago L.S.R KOMMER was using a cheap range finder on our course at loughgall during a club shoot,i know this as I was his shooting partner,he was not so sure about his range finders accuracy so he asked me to get my old trusty bushnell from my car to calibrate the different readings of the targets L.S.R NOT PRACTICING WHAT HE PREACHES WHAT'S NEW?????????
yeah, remember this as well, he must be referring to the times other people use a rangefinder although would seem to suggest pot, kettle,black, whats good for the goose - my old grandma used to quote somthing like this - cant really remember must be getting old - now where did l put my trusty rangefinder, ah its in my secret pocket in the coat i use for competitions. god dammit meant to send this as a pm rosco now my secret is out. next thing is we wont be able to twiddle with our knobs during a shoot and we will have to use those digital things - watchstops l think there called
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