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I have seen highly regarded people use a tape measure after a complaint. It dont take much brain to figure the distance will be longer as the tape is allowed to drop from target up a tree, follow a couple of brook hollows, every ripple, and several high grass patches each one over a foot high, no wonder they said it was 57 yards.

You can always tell someone who has used a cheap to mediocre laser to set a course out, often targets are over range. Also too easy to fool, point at a target in open field fine within 3 yards, then point at a tractor rut some 15 yards shorter, same reading.
The only laser found to date i would trust is a Swarovski, works in pitch black to bright sunlight, cant say that about any other.
Seen and heard numerous people state, ive checked it against a tape measure, fine but that was at that moment in time and only on one target in that light.

So answer would be even if allowed, i wouldnt trust them.
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