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Default badly worded poll title

this is another example of a badly worded poll title ie rangefinder on the course. l was about to state no but thought there are occasions when a rangefinder is of value when practicing. For example when we shoot competitions at our club a rangefinder can be used when setting up a course to ensure that some course builders do not flout the rules to advantage themselves but cannot be used at any time during the shoot.

However when shooting for practice at club shoots if l shoot a target and miss very high or low and l want to confirm that i maybe had a flier as opposed to misranging the target the use of a rangefinder is fine. It will not have any effect on anyone else as it is only practice and for someone else to tell me what l should or should not do when practicing i would politely tell them where to go. Practice sessions are were you learn about your kit and other aspects of the sport. It would be the same if i decided to shoot the whole course sitting or standing during practice - its what l want to do and its not up to another club member to tell me how l should practice.
So my answer would be no to rangefinder use during competition
yes to rangefinder use during non competition if thats what you wish to do.
but unfortunately l cant answer the poll as it does not define if the course is competition or practice.
perhaps the poll wording could be changed so the answers would have more meaning.
only a suggestion
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