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Default FWIW, The (limited) view of someone with poor eye-sight

In the last two years I've tried many scopes, in fact too many

MTC Viper Fixed Mag, should never have sold it, probably the best VFM scope around.
MTC Viper Vari Mag, not as good as the Fixed.
Hawke SR12, Faulty from new, no confidence in replacement.
Falcon Menace, nice scope, don't know why I changed.
Leup Mk4 TMR Ret. Great optics but 'lost' ret. against dark targets.
Lightstream, my favourite scope to use, due to being FFP, only let down by px error.
EB Sniper, superb.
Bushnell 6500, superb.

Can't decide which I like best between the last two, but if 'push came to shove' I think it would have to be the EB Sniper.
The above are purely my opinions, scope preference is a very personal thing, my only advice would be 'try before you buy'
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