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Personally, I have been shooting FT for the last 2 years. Generally speaking we (Malta) have been shooting FT for these last 5 years.

Up till 8-9 months ago we used to shoot with pre assigned distances for each lane so no range finding was needed and all kill zones were 40mm. Positional shots included also prone position apart from kneeling and standing positions. Having no need to range find, all shooters used mostly Hawke scopes with x24 mag. They did the job fine.

Also, here in Malta we have no power limitations so everybody shot hi powered 28+ft/lbs .22 cal airguns like the AA 410 Extra and Daystate MK3 in sporter stocks. We used to shoot FT in a world of our own and did not give much notice of the 12ft/lbs limitation in FT and race guns were generally looked as overkill! FT raceguns were only produced in 12ft/lbs so that was also a problem as we were all used to FAC guns.

Things gradually started to change after we were invited to shoot in the 2009 FT Worlds in South Africa 6 months prior to the event. Most shooters started to buy 12ft/lbs race guns like the Steyr LG110 and EV2. I personally tuned my 97k with a V-Glide kit, match trigger and a CS1000 stock. Cheap Hawke scopes started to be replaced with the huge Big Nikko x50 mag and we started to re organize our FT shoots according to WFTF core rules with no pre assigned distances, reduced KZ targets and the 12ft/lbs power limit. Very few shooters still come to the range with FAC guns nowadays and most of us now have fully fledged FT race guns and scopes.

We are still a long way back compared to UK shooters, out of your league for now, but we are getting there

Who knows maybe one day we will have a Maltese FT World Champion in the pcp or springer class..............

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