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I'd buy it if I was confident the power would not shift* and it would not go over with different pellets, and it probably it was not a gun I was intending to use for serious competition. Apart from that I would buy a gun without AT, either secondhand or from overseas**.

* I would not mind if it was only doing 10 ft.lbs out of the box if it was going to climb but once run in I'd expect it to be legal with all "normal" pellets. The piledrivers are a fly in the ointment, but I've read Hugh Earl has obtained assurances from several forces that they will not use those for forensic testing.

Surely it is not beyond the wit of man to design regulators, hammers and ports that will deliver consistent energy regardless of pellet mass (within reasonable tolerances). Pellet fit is always outside the control of the manufacturers, but they can assume optimum fit. Too loose or too tight will produce lower energies anyway.

** There has been talk of closing this loophole and forcing overseas manufacturers to fit AT. Well they can enforce that for official importers, but EU rules forbid them from stopping grey imports. The only way they could prevent someone importing say an adjustable FT gun from Germany would be to legislate and actually ban non-AT PCPs or make them section 1.
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