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Picked a gun up in late 04 and dragged myself to ETL and tried a bit of FT where everyone laughed at my set up, with all their kit looking so Buck rogers i decided to buy a gun that everyone talked about and that was a rappid.
Then went to Springfield for another bash at FT but somehow managed to get a filler valve that never let me fill the bottle and had run out of air by my 5th target thats when i bumped into DOP and Jen who let me have a go of his Rippley and i became hooked.
My first HFT was at LV where i managed to score 23 and had no idea how anyone could judge distances by eye.05 and i tried hft at the Anglo at redfearn and met most of the UK hft crowd and was talked into doing the nationals as long as i bought a skope off sparky.
Being enjoying it ever since and hope to keep going till my body or wife make me give up
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